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Our Mission

Encourage Local Giving

Promote charitable donations to local nonprofit Crisis Centers, Safe Houses and Shelters serving Victims of Sex Trafficking, Homeless and At-Risk Youth, and Domestic Violence Victims.

Charitable Giving

Provide all necessary operating supplies FREE-OF-CHARGE to nonprofit organizations that operate residential facilities that accept children or victims of Sex Trafficking and Domestic Violence.


Maintain an Online Resource Center for Parents providing information from industry leaders on the dangers children face on the internet, and in particular from Social Media platforms.

Spread Awareness

Share the blog posts, videos, news and links from our Online Resource Center across Social Media platforms thru an organized communications network staffed entirely by volunteers.

Donate Locally

Every year in America, more than 2 million children will face a period of homelessness, and as many as 20,000 of them will be forced into prostitution by human trafficking networks. The first step outside of this horrible reality is often a call to the national hotline and an immediate extraction by a local Residential Crisis Center. They are met where they are. It starts with a smile, a kind word, a meal, a shower, clean clothes, and a bed where they can safely get some much-needed rest. This is literally the front line.

Their journey begins here; the first day of the rest of their lives. The goal is to put these kids on a road to a productive and self-sufficient life, and to care for their needs until then. Safe Houses, Shelters and Advocates have years of experience profiding compasionate care for all of the physical, mental, and psychological needs of these children.

We encourage EVERYONE to donate financially to a local Crisis Center, Safe House or Homeless Shelter that accepts children and victims of domestic violence. The “Donate Locally” buttons on this site will take you to a directory listing of these facilities. There is one near you. Call them and ask how you can help. The smallest gesture can make a difference in a childs life.

Featured Initiative

The Genesis Project

Providing Needed Supplies To Nonprofit Residential Facilities Free-Of-Charge

Our Top Priority

The primary activity of Volunteers For Children is the donation of necessary operating supplies to non-profit organizations that provide their charitable services to victims of the sex trafficking industry, homeless and at-risk youth, and victims of domestic violence. Our priority is the urgent-needs residential facilities, crisis centers, safe houses, and shelters that focus on the initial contact with these victims.


Manufacturers donate products that Nonprofits typically purchase at retail prices, shipping them directly to a Volunteers For Children’s distribution center.

Volunteers For Children

Volunteers For Children receives the corporate products as donations and ships them directly to the Nonprofit facilities according to their needs.

Nonprofit Facilities

The Nonprofits receive the supplies FREE-OF-CHARGE. They can order on a monthly basis or at-need, whichever is most convenient for them.

How It Works

The system works by cutting out all middleman related expenses and profits and minimizing shipping costs. Volunteers For Children uses Individual and Corporate donations to absorb all of the distribution and shipping costs

The Results

The Nonprofits receive all of their supplies as donations, decreasing their operating expenses, and allowing them instead to use the moneys raised thru their fundraising activities for enhancing and expanding the services they provide to the victims we aim to help.

Ongoing Projects

Parents Online Resource Center

Insite To The Dangers Social Media Pose To Children

The Resource Center links you to non-profit websites and pages, blog posts, videos, podcasts and current news stories on the various subjects that effect children’s lives. These organizations have a deep understanding of the dangers many children face and offer both their insight and the solutions that they have found successful for many parents.

The Resources are broken down by subject and kept current on a regular basis. Please share whatever you find informative or helpful with your friends and followers.

Featured Blog Posts

NCOSE Law Center Files First Ever Anti-Trafficking Lawsuit Against Pornography Producers on Behalf of Survivor

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15 Stats You Need To Know If You Care About Ending Child Sex Trafficking

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The Story Of The Empty Seat On The Plane

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This year, 4.2 million kids will be homeless in America. Fight these numbers by joining or starting a Sleep Out today: you’ll raise lifesaving funds to give kids safe shelter and opportunity, and unite your community against youth homelessness.  More Details

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Annual Holiday Gift Project

Sponcered by Center For Family Services

You can be the reason this season is merry for a child in need. Your help is needed to make sure a child receives holiday gifts this year.  MORE DETAILS

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